Access & own a professionally structured cryptocurrency portfolio securely & fast.

Our Pre-Packaged cryptocurrency portfolios are ideal for those who are new to cryptocurrency investment and are looking to make a quick and simple entry to the market. Accessing cryptocurrency in volume is not easy and knowing which coins to buy or where to acquire them from is not for the uninitiated either.

Our experts and traders create carefully constructed portfolios designed around you budget and goals. A mix of established top market cap coins and a collection of Altcoins can be easily acquired on your behalf. Our choices are informed by a deep understanding of the crypto market, industry insights and trends and our experience managing portfolios for our clients.

Whether you want to hold a long position or start day trading immediately BlockStars secure crypto portfolios offer a simple and fast way to enter the market. Save days of time registering and buying coins and make savings on transaction and transfer fees.

The Portfolios are either set up by our cyber security team on wallets, or you can store them in our ultra secure, air-gapped, crypto-vault. Your coins are locked in at the market rate as of the time of your purchase.

  • High volume purchase power
  • Access to the market quickly and securely
  • Expert knowledge & industry insight to create portfolios
  • Consultancy call with cryptocurrency expert
  • Secure delivery service
  • 5% - 10% management & delivery fee


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